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In June 2017 the HSE announced there would be a change in entitlements for women who have had breast surgery.  The Minister for Health intervened and this change was not implemented.  Our understanding is that, for the present, entitlements remain unchanged as stated below.  If we become aware of any changes we will update this information to reflect that change.

Immediately after surgery all women generally qualify for a mastectomy prosthesis and two bras free of charge.

Medical Cardholders:

Qualify for one prosthesis every two years and two bras every year. Your doctor will provide the necessary prescription for these.

VHI, Irish Life, Laya Healthcare, Garda Medical Aid:

Medical insurance companies do provide cover - dependant on your individual plan.


Tax relief is available for all qualifying medical purchases. Full details are available at your local tax office or at www.revenue.ie